Pay Per Click

Keyword Research & Copywriting

We will begin from a position of strength. This means that your landing page copy will be created by in-house copywriters with years of industry expertise.


Campaign Setup & Testing

We can design a specific campaign for your business, from writing the ads to optimising your existing campaign – ultimately generating more leads, sales and business.


Traffic Analysis & Reporting

This way you can easily target people outside of your existing customer base to find new business, with easy trackability, in a way that flyers and newspaper banner can’t offer.


Multilingual Advertising & Strategic Bid

You may have seen these kinds of adverts already when searching for products, news, businesses or any other information online.



Enjoy our Pay Per Click Expertise

Your Pay Per Click campaign will be successful when planned and monitored meticulously. We pride ourselves in the thorough research of keywords. Our campaigns have an intelligent design. The research will stretch across languages and form part of a strategic plan for your PPC marketing. We will test the success of the campaign and then report on the results, allowing you to make informed choices on how to use your marketing budget.

You get in touch with us the first time
We analyze your website and competitors
You'll get a possible plan of actions / PPC plan
If we agree with everything you can proceed with the payment

Your campaign will be visible in the 360, allowing you intelligent, strategic, robust decision-making

Your PPC management team are certified by Google and accredited by Bing.

We invest in training and conferences to keep our professionals at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques.

Our focus is laser-sharp on the most powerful means of generating leads and sales using Google AdWords and Bing AdWords to their highest potential.

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We invest in our professionals. We believe they should be industry-leaders, driving the standards to which others aspire. Your account will be our gallery for the most intelligent, strategic marketing decision making.

Choose our best practice. Our goal will be to design a highly targeted PPC marketing campaign that will drive demographically relevant traffic to your products and services.

We Will Design Your PPC Campaign With Intelligence

—   Our PPC management package

it includes Google and Bing AdWords, Shopping and Remarketing. It also covers Yahoo Native Ads.
Although Google dominates the internet world, Bing and Yahoo have a growing market share with 17% of the online space. Pay Per Click advertising is the perfect choice for those who want to maintain control of the marketing budget. Take control with Pay Per Click: you will know what money is being spent and what campaign is most successful. You will enjoy full transparency of the value of the investment you are making. We charge a set PPC account management fee. You then decide how much more you wish to invest with each ad we manage. There will be no hidden costs, no sudden charges. You will be seen in all corners of the internet by your target demographic.

We will work with you to:

—   Identify a clear target for the first three months of your PPC campaign

  • Set a budget for the first three months of your campaign.
  • Fully understand your product and service.
  • Make explicit how we will respond to the surge in sales and enquiries your business will enjoy thanks to your PPC campaign.

Fully informed and confident, we will:

—   Research your product and service, searching for the most profitable keywords to target.

  • Target your PPC to those most profitable geographical regions, where your product and service will be most relevant.
  • Adjust keyword bids, designing the campaign to the device being used by the customer.
  • We will adapt your campaign for smartphone, to tablet, to desktop.
  • Analyse data to maximise the effectivity of your advertising. We will choose the best times of day for extensive exposure. Our professionals can maximise your investment using day parting and advanced script level bid adjustment.