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What is SEO?

Let’s use Google as the search engine example here, since it is the most popular one so you’re going to want to rank high on their results pages if you want to run a successful website. And the keyword we’re going to use will be 'Dog Collars’.

Firstly, Google sends bots to crawl (follow links and 'read’ content) all pages on the web, including the ones which include our keyword, 'Dog Collars’, collecting the information and putting them into an index. After that, the algorithm analyzing the pages which it has collected, now in an index, and determines an order in which the pages should show up on Google Search results. Or in this example, for one anyone searching for 'Dog Collars’.

The ordered ranking list is not random, Google aims to put the best content at the top of their search results so that they can please their users, doing so will mean that they will reuse their platform the next time they are looking for something online.

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What is SEO

Because of this, Google has very specific things that their algorithm looks for on pages and websites when demeaning who deserves the top spot for a particular keyword.


So, how does SEO work?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Let me break that down even further: When it comes to SEO, there's you, the search engine, and the searcher.

6 Tips for Increasing Your Visibility in Google Search
1. Poor visibility in Google search means you're missing out on visitors and potential website revenue.
2. Identify which keywords drive traffic.
3. Set up tracking to monitor the competition.
4. Run competitors websites against your keyword universe.
5. Use analytics.
6. Check for meta titles, descriptions, and URLs.
How long does it take to get organic traffic?

All things considered, it typically takes 4-6 months to see organic traffic from SEO. That time is measured from the very start of your campaign. Sometimes this frustrates business owners since they don't quite understand how such a simple strategy can take such a long time to produce results.
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How does Google rank sites?

Google algorithm takes into account many factors when it comes to ordering the results on a search page. It looks for both the things that bring you up as well as the things that bring you down. For instance, Google really, really likes new and informative content which is heavily based on facts and also offers a great experience to the viewer. It dislikes any unoriginal content as well as sites that are not fully accessible to the viewer, say a mobile experience that does not fully function on today’s smartphone devices.

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Google Spiders & Crawlers

To be successful with SEO, you have to cater your content towards what the Google algorithm looks out for and make sure you’re avoiding things that SEO noobs do. As well as ensuring that your site is also enjoyed by actual humans too. Having the right balance in pleasing man and machine is key to seeing success through SEO.

Why should you care about SEO?

Now that you know what SEO is, how it works, and how Google goes about ranking the best results for 'Dog Collars’, let’s get into why you should care about SEO. Doing SEO correctly gives you the opportunity to rank on Google for the keywords you’re targeting and this will be one of the main ways you will be able to bring people to your website and hopefully money to your pockets.
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SEO Enhances Your Online Presence

It is essentially free, or at least very cheap if you compare it to paid ADs since the majority of your site’s content can be created by yourself. Though if you’re looking to pump out plenty of content, essentially raising the number of keywords you are going to be ranking for thus bringing in more viewers, then it can be a good idea to bring paid writers onboard to produce the content for you. I just briefly mentioned that the other way you can bring people to your site is through paid ADs.

This is a service that Google itself provides, so instead of you needing to faff around producing content that will rank for the keywords you’re going after, you can instead pay Google to show your site right at the top of the search engine for a fee.
Though, this will burn a serious hole in your pocket and might even cost you more than its worth in the long run. With that being said, it can be a good idea to have both SEO and paid ADs on your side if you’re looking to start and run a successful business.

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Sutton is a beautiful suburban borough of London, on its most southern border. It is a good 11 miles from the centre of London; therefore, it is a stretch to say you are living in the capital. However, there are benefits to being out of the bustle.
The crime rate is low, and carbon emissions are some of the lowest in the city. There are some of the best schools in the country within the boundaries of this borough. Add to this the beautiful scenery of the North Downs, and you can see why this is considered the best place for a family to live. Sutton SEO Web Design Services, contact our digital marketing division. Our SEO Company is ready to help you.

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Sutton is to the south west of London, situated 10.7 miles from Charing Cross Station. It is a leafy suburban borough, with the feel of a small village rather than a bustling metropolis. The Family Hotspots Report named this as one of the best places for a family to live in London. This is likely due to some of the best schools in the country being situation in Sutton. Also, the crime rate is low, as are the carbon emissions.

The close proximity of the North Downs also makes this a great place to walk the family dog. You will have no problem selling your house in Sutton, but you might need to pay a fair whack to purchase your family home too. Reach out the Sutton SEO Company Team and make your International SEO Projects successful.

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Being a good 11 miles from Charing Cross Station in the centre of London, this southern district of the city is more a sleepy town than a bustling metropolis. Lying close to the North Downs, it is a beautiful place to take your family dog for a long ramble.
Indeed, Sutton is named in the Family Hotspot Report as one of the most desirable places to live. This makes it the easiest place to sell your house, but also an expensive place to buy.

It has one of the lowest carbon emissions in the city and the lowest crime rates. This is a highly desirable place to live, but you will struggle to accept that you are living in London. So, if you want proper city-living, then you shouldn’t choose Sutton. Meet our SEO Company in Sutton and get thousands of Local visitors at your shop.

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Sutton is one of the easiest places in the capital to sell your house, but potentially one of the more expensive to make the purchase in the first place. For some, Sutton is lovely but a long way from the life of London you would expect. It is on its furthest reaches and is more rural village than part of a city.

However, this means you will experience low crime rates and good air quality. There is the North Downs on your door step, for beautiful walks and amazing views. Named as the most desirable place to live in the Family Hotspot Report, it is not surprising there is a vibrant housing market. We are focused on the search engines guidelines. Our SEO Services in Sutton include Pay Per Click and Custom Web Design. We’ll make your life much easier.

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Sutton is a beautiful suburban borough of London, on its most southern border. It is a good 11 miles from the centre of London; therefore, it […]
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